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Mites and Deformed Wing Virus

Gordon Thomason passed this article on to me, from June 7 Science Daily, as reported in the journal Science, regarding mites and deformed wing virus.

..."showed how the Varroa mite caused deformed wing virus (DWV) -- a known viral pathogen -- to increase its frequency among honey bee colonies from 10 per cent to 100 per cent.  This change was accompanied by a million-fold increase in the number of virus particles infecting each honey bee and a massive reduction in…


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2 articles of interest, both with beekeeping involved

Here are 2 articles which may be of interest, one from the New York Times of April 15, about helping Afghan farmers

and another from the Wall Street Journal, of April 9, about learning new things later in life, particularly beekeeping.…


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You Knew Your Bees Were Different

By Olivia Solon, Wired UK, March 9, 2012

Bees have different “personalities”, with some showing a stronger willingness or desire to seek adventure than others, according to a study by entomologists at the University of Illinois.

The researchers found that thrill-seeking is not limited to humans and other vertebrates. The brains of honeybees that were more likely than others to seek adventure exhibited distinct patterns of gene activity in molecular pathways known…


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Rare Bumblebee Rediscovered in New Mexico


The most rare U.S. species of bumblebee, last seen in 1956, has turned up once again in the White Mountains of south-central New Mexico. Called “Cockerell’s Bumblebee,” this prized pollinator is known from an area of less than 300 square miles, giving it the most limited range of any bumblebee species in the world.

“Most bumblebees in the U.S. are known from…


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by Brad Woodard / KHOU 11 News

March 13, 2012

HOUSTON – Reports of bee thefts are up, and the worst drought in state history is at least partially to blame, local bee experts say.

“Bees are in short supply right now,” said Jennifer Scott, who also belongs to the Harris County Beekeepers Association.  “There’s no doubt about that.”

A bee-hive theft at Haven, a restaurant in…


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