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Spring Supplies Arriving Daily!

New Bee Rescue has just received another shipment of product.  What will your beekeeping activities require this season?

Need a: hat, veil, gloves, hive tool, excluder, smoker, IPM screened bottom board, full-depth or shallow supers, hive bodies, feeders or frames?

 It won't be long before spring classes begin to fill up-  it's…


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NMBKA Dr. James Nieh!

Today at the NM Beekeepers Association meeting, Dr. James Nieh from UCSD, knocked it outta the park with his discussion on honey bee communication and a fascinating over view of neonicotinoids. He explained the evolution of communication and Superorganism inhibitory communication.  Here's how it is conveyed on his website and to us at the meeting:

What happens if conditions change and the…


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Round Em Up!

Here is something of interest especially if you or your neighbors use RoundUp...

The near-exponential spread of herbicide-resistant "superweeds" across U.S. farmland is reminding us all that no matter how much…


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Hey all you Langstroth folks!  Need help preparing for the long winter ahead? Whatever your issue, I can help! I manage bees year round so you don't have to! From that first package or swarm to honey extraction, I do it all, so you don't have to..Check my site.

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Who Killed the Honey Bee?

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New Beekeeper?

New to beekeeping?  You've got zillions of questions and I have the answers.  I do classes and one-on-one instruction year round.  Working Albuquerque area, North Valley and Rio Rancho.  Visit my site:  Phill Remick 344.2697

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