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Two New Top Bar Hives

Just installed two pkgs into two new top bar hives (our first).  Thanks to T.J. Carr for his experience and wisdom and to Fred Beck for building two exceptional hives.

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NY Times Article, "NY Bees and Their Keepers Proliferate"

The Colonies Expand
The urban beekeeping legions no longer have to keep secret their delight in the apiary underworld. The number of registered hives in New York City has grown to 161, though some estimate there are three times that many...…


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New Beekeeper?

New to beekeeping?  You've got zillions of questions and I have the answers.  I do classes and one-on-one instruction year round.  Working Albuquerque area, North Valley and Rio Rancho.  Visit my site:  Phill Remick 344.2697

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Eclipse Observation- How will it affect the bees?

Member Gordon Thomasson has an interesting idea. He plans to video tape the entrance of his hives during the solar eclipse and share his observations on bee activity. If this sounds interesting to you, pull out the camera/ video recorder and record images of your hive as well. You can share…


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Can you spot yourself from last weekend's spring fling?

A big Buzzin' thanks to Gordon Thomasson for sharing his photos of the Ken Hays weekend. I personally enjoy the cupcake photo! I also see some brave souls without bee veils. …


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Ken Hays Annual Beekeeping Seminar Pics

Here are some more photos of last weekend's lecture, taken by Board Member Carl Soderberg. 



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Photos of the Ken Hays Annual Beekeeping Seminar

What a fantastic day for getting in the hives at the Ken Hays Annual Beekeeping Seminar in Bosque Farms. Here are a few photos from the event. Please share with us if you have any good shots of this informative and social event. It was great meeting you!

Ken Hays talking about bees:…


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Nationwide Beekeeper Survey for Pesticide- Related Bee Kills

My name is Sandra Bustos, I am research assistant at Pesticide Research Institute and we are working with beekeepers from around the country to look at some of the effects of pesticides on beehive health. At the moment, we are looking at the immediate effects that pesticides may have on beehives, and are trying to understand if there are particular crops that pose higher risks for exposure. …


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Managed Pollinators ... new Extension Service Project

Here is some good information. See what you think.


Managed Polinator Project

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starting new method

just a thought on a couple of issues I think need further discussion...with everybody especially new beekeepers such as myself....# 1.... The Dread Mite issue.......

The One Thing I have heard over and over again this year  "two year hive, strong and thriving going into winter. up and died by November"...... and yup! they died of Mites.....and Yes! it can happen to you.....

for whatever reason, and even though I went to as many classes and meetings as I could I missed this very…


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NMBKA Presents Author Michael Bush

The New Mexico Beekeepers Association is proud to present author Michael Bush for a day of lecture in Albuquerque on July 7th. Please go to our website at …


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Abq Beeks Yearly Survey

If you live in the Albuquerque area and haven't filled out the yearly survey put out by the Abq Beeks, now is your chance. You have until May 15th!

13 Questions About Beekeeping in Albuquerque

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A New Bee That Sips Sweat

A great article in the Wall Street Journal about a newly discovered native bee in New York City, Lasioglossum gotham, that sips sweat from humans: 

Lasioglossum gotham in WSJ

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April Board Meeting Recap

Hi everyone, we had a fantastic Board Meeting for NMBKA last night and here are some of the highlights:

-We are working on the final planning stages for bringing Michael Bush to New Mexico on July 7th. Many thanks to John Gagne for for being persistent. It took a few years to finally get a date and location for our upcoming lecture. 

-Check your inboxes in early July, our next newsletter will be in a digital…


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Bee Removal

There is a woman who has bees in her log cabin in Thoreau. If anybody is that area and is interested in removing them, you can find more information on our facebook page. Barry Digman is the contact.

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Bee App

Jessie, last time we met you suggested I post the free pollinator App info to the site so here it is:

The Pollinator Partnership has an extensive list of bee friendly plants for many regions throughout the U.S.  And they also have a free App which you can download to your smart phone which has a list of plants in your zip code...very cool stuff!

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Bee Larvae Needed in Espanola for Baby Birds

Hi All,
I work at The Wildlife Center in Espanola and are awaiting the influx of orphaned songbirds that will start arriving in the next week or so.  We often need bee larvae to feed many of the nestlings, especially those that are insect eaters. Would anyone be willing to donate some bee larvae?  I'm just getting started as a bee keeper and don't even have my bees yet.  I'm not sure about the best way to extract the larvae, I guess just cutting a section of comb out?  It can…

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Swarm Photo Montage

Thought it would be fun to post a swarm photo montage, since it's that time of year! Do you have any good photos to share?!…


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2 articles of interest, both with beekeeping involved

Here are 2 articles which may be of interest, one from the New York Times of April 15, about helping Afghan farmers

and another from the Wall Street Journal, of April 9, about learning new things later in life, particularly beekeeping.…


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