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Updated Top Bar Hive Plans

New Mexico locals, TJ Carr and John Bradford have just released the updated plans for a beautifully engineered top bar hive. You can find the plans here: Enjoy!…


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bee hive

hi all,

i live in alamogordo near holloman air force base. i made a bee hive out of wood from a picture in a magazine. i do need to find out how i attract a queen bee. i planted lantana and russian sage, there was already catnip plants there. last year the bees were all over the catnip blossoms.

i understand in the spring if there are to many queens in a hive a queen will leave the hive with some workers and look for a new hive. how can i attract the queen to my hive.



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Welcome Balloonists!

Photo By Carl Soderberg

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Free EBook, "A Field Guide to Honey Bees and Their Maladies"

A fantastic resource on identifying maladies for honey bees, from Chalk Brood to recognizing skunk attacks to identifying Africanized honey bees.

Produced by Penn State, College of Agricultural Sciences and the The Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium (MAAREC): Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia,…


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Bee Sound Colony, Part of ISEA conference, Albuquerque

If you are in Albuquerque this weekend, check out an incredible art piece at the Alvarado Farm. SOUND COLONY by Nina Dubois, functions as an acoustic chamber, a human-scaled portal into the communicative modes that connect the world of the hive with the practice of beekeeping. It references the visionary architecture of R. Buckminster Fuller, whose research into energy and material efficiency was inspired by universally occurring patterns in nature. This is part of the ISEA 2012…


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Visit the Abq Beeks at the State Fair

Come down to the Agriculture Building today, tomorrow and next weekend to see the Abq Beeks booth and our "Live Bees!" Also, to find out if you have won a ribbon for your honey products. 

Thank you so much to our Abq Beeks volunteers who are answering questions and taking shifts at the Booth. A big…


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Hey all you Langstroth folks!  Need help preparing for the long winter ahead? Whatever your issue, I can help! I manage bees year round so you don't have to! From that first package or swarm to honey extraction, I do it all, so you don't have to..Check my site.

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Coming Soon....

Keep your eyes open. Albuquerque beekeeper, TJ Carr is about to unveil the newest rendition of his beautifully engineered Top Bar Hive Plans! We'll post a link a link when they become available. 

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Local NM Authors, Les Crowder and Heather Harrell, Publish "Top- Bar Beekeeping" Book

We are incredibly lucky to be living in New Mexico right now. Les Crowder and Heather Harrell from Northern NM have just published their book, "Top Bar Beekeeping." Go out, grab a copy and try and attend one of the book signings! You can find the book at: …


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Afternoon Movie a Success, quote of the day "Save the Bees One Flower at a Time"

We had a great time today at the movies. There were 75 people in the audience, including many familiar beekeeper faces and people who want to keep bees in the future. "The Strange Disappearance of the Bees" covered CCD and large beekeeping operations. Our President, Les Crowder gave an inspirational talk afterwords about the ways we can each contribute to help save pollinators. His advice?

"Save the bees one flower at a time!"

Many thanks to Keif at the…


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State Fair Honey Division

Start collecting your honey, finding your best bee photo and rendering your wax, it's almost State Fair Time! The Rules and Regs for the Honey Division are now on the internet at:

Note that the Entry Dates are Mon, Sept 10 from 8am-6 pm and Tues, Sept 11 from 8-12 pm and you have to pick up your items after the fair is over on Mon, Sept…


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I have once again over committed myself and will be unable to attend a talk about bees in Rio Rancho on August 18th.  If anybody could speak at 10:30 and stay for lunch I would be very happy.  email me at  Thanks Les Crowder

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Need Help for Nationwide Honeybee Survey

We are running out of time! We are looking for Bee Yards close to the Albuquerque area that have 8 or more hives on a single property to take samples for the National Honeybee Survey. Want to participate? Great! Contact Joe Wesbrook at or 505-515-7973 or Greg Watson at 575-646-3207.

NMDA, in conjunction with the New Mexico Beekeepers Association, is participating in a National…


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Who Killed the Honey Bee?

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Michael Bush Lecture a Success!!!

Thank you all for attending this weekend's lecture! We had 110 people from all over the state attend including a very strong showing from the Southern NM Beekeepers Group (some of whom drove 5 hours to get to Albuquerque!), the SDC Beekeepers Group from Northern NM and the…


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Michael Bush Lecture

Thank you NMBKA for the Michael Bush and NMSU pollinator project lectures it was fun and informative......
I like the idea of more of this type of thing, maybe we could have more intensive classes or study groups....
Regardless, thank you for all who helped make today's lectures happen......

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Swarm alert!

I have been very impressed by the build up of the BeeWeaver bees that I have, but not impressed enough apparently. Two of my five hives have swarmed after only three weeks in the box.
Give them plenty of room and watch for queen cells!
Shucks! Had I been paying attention I could have split them and had more hives.

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Mites and Deformed Wing Virus

Gordon Thomason passed this article on to me, from June 7 Science Daily, as reported in the journal Science, regarding mites and deformed wing virus.

..."showed how the Varroa mite caused deformed wing virus (DWV) -- a known viral pathogen -- to increase its frequency among honey bee colonies from 10 per cent to 100 per cent.  This change was accompanied by a million-fold increase in the number of virus particles infecting each honey bee and a massive reduction in…


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