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Top Bar Hives- Economically Sustainable Beekeeping in Jamaica

Want to learn more about the volunteer work I did teaching top bar beekeeping through the Farmer to Farmer program in Jamaica for 2 weeks, check out my blog at:

Both Les Crowder and Megan Mahoney have also volunteered earlier this year if you would like more information!

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Beekeepers Rally Around the Hives!


At the last Alamogordo City Commission hearing, I was the only city residenr to testify in favor of changing the city ordinance to allow beekeeping in tbe city.  The Commission directed the city legal staff to report back with a proposed revision to the ordinance.

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neighbors approval needed

If the new Ordinance in Alamogordo requires us to gain the approval of all neighbors within a certain radium, it might as well stay the way it is; because all of us have at least one neighbor who will not agree to anything.  Please consider this when determining how to revise the Ordinance.

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Future beekeepers in Alamogordo thank you!

Many thanks to all of you who wrote to the Alamogordo Commissioners, they commented on the support from around the state. Special thanks to Paul McCarty of Black Mesa Honey Bees, you knocked it out of the park! Thanks again to Kate Whealen who did a fantastic radio interview. Because of you all, there will be beekeeping in the City of Alamogordo. It just feels good doesn’t it?

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Alamogordo Commission meeting tomorrow!

If you want to support bees and beekeeping and you live near Alamogordo, tomorrow night is the Commission Meeting that will decide the future of beekeeping in that city. We need your support at 7:00PM. There is very vocal opposition and we need you there IN PERSON to show your support. The address is 1376 9th Street, Alamogordo, NM

Thank you in advance!


A special thank you to Kate Whealen who NAILED a radio interview on our behalf!



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Papa Bear's Bee Packages Delivery Update

Bees will be ready to pick up Thursday April 4th at Ken Hays Honey and Apple Farm between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and here is the map if you need directions ( I will then go to Edgewood with the bees that are for anyone that wants to pick them up in Edgewood at the Wal-Mart. This will be on the South West Corner near where Church Street and 344 meet and I will be there from 6:30 or 7:00 until 8:00 p.m.

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Send your comments to Alamogordo

I spoke to the Renee Cantin, Alamogordo City Clerk today. We have a hearing 7:00 pm on April 9th. Renee suggested that we submit our comments or presentations by Tuesday the 2nd of April.

Please send your comments to her at and PLEASE COME


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I can't keep bees?

Thank you in advance.


If you are able to keep bees in the city limits, count your blessings, the citizens of Alamogordo, New Mexico are not. Ordinance #7-01-020. - Keeping restrictions, established in the 70’s will be getting a hearing soon and we need your help.


We have a group of folks that want to keep bees within the city and I would like to ask you to write a letter in support of the ordinance change. Even if you don’t live there, your experience with…


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Upcoming Bee Informed Survey

Are you ready to survey? 

The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) is a USDA/NIFA (U.S. Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture) funded project with the stated goal of reducing colony losses. The program is a collaboration of research institutions, Universities and beekeepers in the US.  It is now time for your active participation!

 BIP and the nation’s beekeepers, cooperatively seek…


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Top Bar Hives For Sale

I have top bar hives for sale.  All hives come with 40 top bars (29 in the hive, and 11 spare).  The top bars have splines down the middle to help discourage cross-combing.  

The pricing is as follows:

Base Hive (no windows) = $180

To paint the hive = $15

A window = $35 per window

I will have at least one hive without windows on display at the ABQ Beeks meeting this Thursday.  

Feel free to contact me with any…


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Early report from the California almond orchards

I have an acquaintance who is doing some research work on bees.  Here's an early, quite disturbing, report from that quarter:

Subject: “They are going to find a new name for this after this year,” said Denise Qualls of The Pollination Connection, “it’s more than Colony Collapse.”

Bee-Suited Bureaucrats descend on California’s Central Valley


Described by Joe Traynor of Bakersfield based Scientific Ag Company, as a perfect storm – at least 800,000 bee colonies…


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Science Hobbyists Needed for a National Study

Are you a science hobbyist?

We need your help with a new National Science Foundation sponsored research study that will investigate the characteristics and educational experiences of people who are active in science hobbies. More and more people are engaging in science hobbies; schools and science centers would like to know more about the characteristics of science hobbyists and how these organizations…


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Round Em Up!

Here is something of interest especially if you or your neighbors use RoundUp...

The near-exponential spread of herbicide-resistant "superweeds" across U.S. farmland is reminding us all that no matter how much…


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Interested WAS Conference planners to meet at NMBKA mtg. 1/26

If you are interested in helping with this year's Western Apicultural Society conference taking place October 16-19th at La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe, I'll be attending the Saturday session of the NMBKA annual meeting and would like to get everyone interested to review the committee categories.

This conference…


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Zia Queenbees now taking nuc orders for NM residents for 2013!

ZQB is going into its 9th season! It continues to be a very humbling journey as each season is unique. The bees continue to inspire us and Mother Nature continues to teach us, that life is indeed a very unique journey.


Learning to keep bees healthy and productive is becoming more of a challenge as we experience fluctuating weather conditions and other uncontrollables. Finding bees that are resilient and adaptable in our dynamic landscape is a life-long endeavor. We have…


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Package Bees For Sale!

Hello All!

I will be picking up a number of packages in N. California in April for the 2013 bee season.  They are from a well known and reputable source.  4 lbs with a new world carniolan or italian queen for $125.  I f you would like to place an order or get more information please call 505-681-5662 or email  Thank You!

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Vanishing of the Bees

Follow link to watch this important documentary on Hulu

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Article: "Research Zeroes In One Genes that Help Honeybees Fight Mites"

An article from Growing Produce, 11/14/12. Scientists have narrowed the search for genes that give honeybees behaviors that make them resistant to varroa mites. Thanks for sharing the article Marvin!…


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October NMBKA Newsletter

You can find our First Annual Newsletter at:

In this edition, you can find out:

  • Our guest speaker for the Annual Meeting 
  • Read the Bylaws that we will be voting on in January
  • Get involved with our First Ever Swap Meet

Enjoy, the Board of NMBKA

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