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2014 North to South NM Pollinator Benefit Lecture Series: ONLINE REGISTRATION OPEN!

The Rocky  Mountain Survivor Queenbee Cooperative is pleased to present an extensive lecture series for NM enthusiasts. There are three renowned bee scientists participating in 7 lectures and 2 field practicums. 


Dr. Thomas Seeley- Conservation Biologist-…


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You’re invited to send in your application for…

The Certified Beekeepers Apprentice Program

The Certified Beekeepers Apprentice program, new in 2014, is organized through the New Mexico Beekeepers Association in cooperation with the City of Albuquerque. This comprehensive beekeeping program will provide quality education, taught by experienced beekeepers, on backyard beekeeping in the context of responsible urban farming for the Albuquerque metropolitan area.


The program is planned as a two-year…


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Mark Carroll's, USDA Research Entomologist, Presentations

Mark Carroll, Research Entomologist with the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, AZ has graciously shared his slides from his presentations at the 2014 NM Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting. 

Mark Carroll's Varroa Mite Powerpoint Presentation…


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This can bee a hard time for a beekeeper. We watch as sometimes our strongest hives die, and weak ones survive and there is nothing we can do to change the whims of mother nature. Just remember how it was in late summer when the garden was going crazy, bees where buzzing, and honey was flowing. Pray for rain and a good spring bloom.

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North American Beekeeping Conference and Tradeshow - Bees on the Bayou, Recap

I just recently attended the American Beekeeping Federation conference “Bees on the Bayou,” as the New Mexico Delegate and wanted to share a slice of the information I learned from the talks I sat through. 


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Read this interesting article by Phill Remick in Walter Kelley Jan Newsletter

I just read a very interesting article by Phill Remick in the Walter Kelley newsletter.

It's a good article--you won't believe how much beekeeping has changed in the last 20-30 years!

Be sure to read it!


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Spring Supplies Arriving Daily!

New Bee Rescue has just received another shipment of product.  What will your beekeeping activities require this season?

Need a: hat, veil, gloves, hive tool, excluder, smoker, IPM screened bottom board, full-depth or shallow supers, hive bodies, feeders or frames?

 It won't be long before spring classes begin to fill up-  it's…


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NMBKA needs Your nominations for the Board of Directors for this upcoming January election

Hello Fellow Beekeepers, 

Dave Ellis here.. I'm chairing the nominating committee this year.

The elected positions available are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and two Members at Large.

If You know of someone that You'd like to nominate, or if You'd like to serve, please let me know at:

Dave Ellis

(505) 266-8564    or    or

5711 Princess Jeanne Ave.…


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WAS Conference in Santa Fe

WAS Conference in Santa Fe.  SO-O-O-O-O-O MUCH INFORMATION

As a librarian I want to share where to find the information that was shared with us at the WAS conference. This comes with some editorializing:)  Thank you to the New Mexico Beekeepers Association for the assistance you provided to me so I could attend this conference.   If anyone has questions about my notes below please contact me.  Annette


EDUCATION - quantum physics, quantum biology, chemistry, bee anatomy…


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Great Conference Taking Place (WAS in Santa Fe)

First of all, I want to thank NMBA for sponsoring my registration to attend the WAS meeting in Santa Fe this week.  It's been a great experience for a newbee and has been great meeting the faces that post valuable information on this web site.

The top ten highlights that I've taken away so far are:

1)  Finding that the big theme now days seems to focus on a more natural approach to bee keeping, though there are still clear differences in opinion about what counts as "natural".…


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Schedule of Events- 2013 Western Apicultural Society of North America Conference (WAS-NM)

Wednesday, October 16

Western Apicultural Society of North America Presents:

“Colony Consciousness: Working Together to Preserve, Protect & Promote Our Pollinators”

Note: Admission is free to the benefit pollinator art exhibit (opening reception is Thursday evening from 5:30- 7:30 pm on the Mezzanine in La Fonda), as well as to the…


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Western Apicultural Society of North America Award Winners

I am very pleased to announce this year's Western Apicultural Society of North America awardees!

The Society's Outstanding Contribution to Beekeeping award goes to Les Crowder, long time beekeeper, educator and activist. 
The Society's Thurber Award for Inventiveness goes to TJ Carr, a top bar beekeeper, mentor and fabricator in Albuquerque. 
The Presidential awards for Outstanding Contribution to Beekeeping go to Santa Fe beekeepers, Steve Wall…

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Getting the word out

A lady called me today from Belen.  Her name is Angelina Ritter and she said that a bunch of bees attacked her husband today as he was walking down the street.  She is concerned that they are Africanized bees, but I don't really think they are.  She would like someone to get the bees if they can.  I know that it is late in the year for this, but I thought maybe someone would like to check them out.  I don't know a lot of beeks in Northern New Mexico but I figured you guys might know someone…


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Victory in Alamogordo

Last night the City of Alamogordo voted to allow beekeeping within the city limits. Beekeeping has been illegal there for the last 35 years. Beekeepers throughout the state took the time to call and write the Commissioners and the Mayor and voice their support of future beekeepers there.

You did it, you took the time to change the world in a small way, a little bit of our natural world will be coming back to the city.

Congratulations to the future beekeepers of Alamogordo! And…


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National Honey Bee Day- August 17th, 2013

Guess what? It's National Honey Bee Day today:

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NM State Fair is coming up!

Howdy beekeepers. The NM State Fair is coming up. Let's pack the shelves with our honey entries. It's easy and fun to enter your products. Can't get to Albuquerque for the event? You can always mail your entries. Guess what, there is also a Juniors division!

Here is detailed information on entering your honey, hive products and photos to the NM State Fair: …


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Southwest survivors: how defensive is still manageable?

Hi folks,

Needing some advice (or at least reassurance) from some more experienced keepers.

Finally got my first 2 hives going (from local splits) which are doing well.  One is easy to open and inspect with no trouble yet; but the other is a little "hot" tempered, and I'm wondering if I just need to buck-up as a new keeper and learn to deal with the elevated defensiveness, or if I ought to requeen.  These are all "survivors" from many generations, so they are expected to be…


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Want to learn more about Dr. James Nieh?

Here are some of the resources from yesterday's informative lecture:


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NMBKA Dr. James Nieh!

Today at the NM Beekeepers Association meeting, Dr. James Nieh from UCSD, knocked it outta the park with his discussion on honey bee communication and a fascinating over view of neonicotinoids. He explained the evolution of communication and Superorganism inhibitory communication.  Here's how it is conveyed on his website and to us at the meeting:

What happens if conditions change and the…


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W.A.S. Conference call for conference planning Volunteers :)

Western Apicultural Society seeks local volunteers to help with conference planning.

To review categories and to sign up for "W.A.S 2013 Santa Fe, NM.."  Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

To sign up, go to: …

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The New Mexico Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization of private beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, persons interested in promoting the importance of the honey bee in the environment, and businesses related to the honey industry. Representing all regions of New Mexico, the Association maintains a close affiliation with the State of New Mexico's Department of Agriculture. Membership in the Association is open to all interested persons.


2014 Association Officers

President: Jessie Brown,

Vice President: Craig Noorlander,

Secretary: Mike Fickling,

Treasurer: D.J. Nickles,


Phill Remick,

Taylor Horst,


Membership dues are $30 per year for a family, $15 for membership from July 1-Dec 31st. 

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