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Greetings all. I am pleased to be serving as President of the New Mexico Beekeepers Association with the vision to create a New Mexico where every person is aware of and positively impacts the ecosystem of pollinators. 

This vision sounds like a lofty goal, but it is actually what we as beekeepers do everyday in our communities. When I get into a beehive, I notice incredible things like what pollen is coming into the hive, seasonal changes, and plants that produce nectar in my neighborhood. This love of beekeeping is easy to share with the community around me. Neighbors that initially were scared of my hives now have pollinator friendly plants in their yards to entice bees to pollinate their apple and cherry trees. The children in my 7 year old’s class that I speak to when visiting classrooms will grow up knowing about the importance of honeybees in our environment. I am positive that we all are individual stewards for honeybees in our communities. We just need to think in a much larger scale to share this knowledge at a statewide level. 

Your elected board for the New Mexico Beekeepers Association has worked hard on our organization’s foundation in the last couple of years. We have established our 501c3 status, built an interactive website, created bylaws and are working on guidelines for funding and charter membership. 

My goal for the next year is to work on 4 nectar sources to help our organization prosper. First, let’s continue developing ourselves into a world class organization. Secondly, let’s support and drive the market for local beekeepers goods and services through beekeeper professional development. Thirdly, let’s enable and develop educational opportunities to drive awareness of pollinators and the ecosystem, for beekeepers and the general public. And finally, let’s engage the community and policy makers through outreach and advocacy to drive adoption of pro-pollinator beliefs and public policy. 

I welcome your ideas on how we, as an organization can thrive in these 4 nectar sources; organizational development, beekeeper professional development, educational opportunities and outreach and advocacy. 

Buzz, buzz,

Jessie Brown


The New Mexico Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization of private beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, persons interested in promoting the importance of the honey bee in the environment, and businesses related to the honey industry. Representing all regions of New Mexico, the Association maintains a close affiliation with the State of New Mexico's Department of Agriculture. Membership in the Association is open to all interested persons.


2014 Association Officers

President: Jessie Brown,

Vice President: Craig Noorlander,

Secretary: Mike Fickling,

Treasurer: D.J. Nickles,


Phill Remick,

Taylor Horst,


Membership dues are $30 per year for a family, $15 for membership from July 1-Dec 31st. 

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