We have provided a list of our members that are available for collecting bee swarms in different areas of New Mexico.  Give a beekeeper a call as soon as possible!   

What is a Swarm?

A swarm is formed when a queen bee leaves the original colony with a large group of worker bees, usually in the spring and early summer, but can occur through fall. Swarming is a natural form of reproduction for honey bees. The bees can stay in the cluster for a few minutes to a few days, so call a beekeeper quickly! 


Jessie Brown, 505-710-3277

TJ Carr, 505-263-3025    (Foothills and the Heights)

Mike Fickling, 505-228-7869

Harold & Joyce Gonzales, 505-883-0812, 505-264-4539 (c)

Christianne Hinks & Chuck Houston, 505-344-9747

Taylor Horst, 505-217-5200

Paul Kline, 505-507-1948

Mike Kruchoski, 505-480-5000

Amanda & Michael Snow, 505-345-2108

Diana Tanner, 505-270-0381

Tomas Urrea, 505-341-2650

Kate Viers, 505-410-6402


Razz Ma Tazz Berries Bees, 469-245-9874


Raymond Espinoza, 505-861-1693

Bosque Farms

Ken Hays,  505-869-2369


Paul Ammons, 505-235-9648

Tom Nims, 505-980-7833

Mayhill (Southern NM)

Rob Shepler, 575-687-2343


New Mexico

Ron B, 505-804-6794


Chuck Franklin, 505-771-8194

Rio Rancho

Mathew Pickard, 505-404-1592


Kevin Thatcher, 575-973-7422

Santa Fe

Wendy, 505-231-2148

Nicolas Graille, 505-236-3686

Jim Gray, 505-438-4534

Amelia Moody, 505-690-1672

Silver City

Travis Kirkland, 575-534-4716


The New Mexico Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization of private beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, persons interested in promoting the importance of the honey bee in the environment, and businesses related to the honey industry. Representing all regions of New Mexico, the Association maintains a close affiliation with the State of New Mexico's Department of Agriculture. Membership in the Association is open to all interested persons.


2014 Association Officers

President: Jessie Brown, president@nmbeekeepers.org

Vice President: Craig Noorlander, vicepresident@nmbeekeepers.org

Secretary: Mike Fickling, secretary@nmbeekeepers.org

Treasurer: D.J. Nickles, treasurer@nmbeekeepers.org


Phill Remick, memberatlarge1@nmbeekeepers.org

Taylor Horst, memberatlarge2@nmbeekeepers.org


Membership dues are $30 per year for a family, $15 for membership from July 1-Dec 31st. 

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