The New Mexico Beekeepers Association is talking about putting together a refresher course for us Southies in Tuli or Alamo. It would include a speaker and a movie and might run a day or two. Some of the cost might be subsidized by the NMBKA.

So I wanted to throw this out there and see what kind of interest we might have, anybody want to go? Dates to be worked out....

Diana, would it fit to advertise it on the Farmers Market again?

Really an amazing offer from them, what would you like to see covered? Give us your thoughts!!!


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More swap meets with more people. I am not too much into seminars or classes.

I would be interested especially if some of the seminar related to top bar beekeeping and the management of hives over the course of a year.

I'm always interested, but scheduling is terrible for me since I work Fri-Sat. 

My wife and I  would diffently intrested...

Would be interested depending on schedule.  I have alot of retraining going on in the Fire Dept.

It sounds like we have some pretty good interest let's push to try to pull it together. Those of you that have responded please throw out a range of dates that would work for you, and we will try to pick one that works for everybody.

Assuming the workshop would be on a weekend.  March 9, 16 or 23  would work for me.  Thanks

March is questionable for me. Open for either weekday or weekend.


Great idea. I will definitely be there for a refresher course. Whenever it is held, I will match my schedule to those days to attend.

Very interested, especially if it covers topbar info.  If it's on a Saturday then March 9, April 6 and April 27 will not work for me.  I cannot do weekdays.  Once a date is decided on, I can share the info through the Alamogordo Alameda Park Farmers' Market email list and facebook page, too.

Id be interested also, since I know very little about Bee keeping, I may pick something up out of this.

I'm interested.



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