I have been contacted by a representative of Holloman AFB looking for volunteers to create a call-out list of beekeepers to help remove swarms and hives in and around Holloman Air Force Base. Anyone participating would assume all liability and should be aware they can be called up at any time of day or night, including weekends, and the only compensation is free bees and honey. The goal is to create a list of beekeepers who could respond and avoid destroying viable hives and swarms. If anyone is interested, please message me.

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Me, me, me!

Me too. Am on the road without Co mputer access, but can do email if you need more info.

We need as many on it as we can so that people are always available to them and swarms don't have to be destroyed.

Robert is in!

Robert? What about you Lady Di?

My full time job gets in the way a bit, not to mention I haven't gotten my bee suit, gloves and veil yet.  Forgot to get mine when I ordered Roberts.  :( 

How is base access handled.  Does someone meet us and escort us to the bee location?

There would be an escort, unless you are retired military.

If more people would be good, you can include us on the list! 


~Jenny and Graeme

OK, I need a phone number from each of you to get this list going. Please message it to me so it is not out in the public.

I wouldn't mind going along sometime as I have no experience yet. Then I can add my name to the list later.



I sent the names and numbers I have on to my point of contact at Holloman. It's just a matter of waiting now to see what develops after it clears their legal office. I suppose I will send occasional updates as new people want on the list, so if anybody's numbers change, let me know.



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